after midnight rants

Hello guys,

So today after almost 12 hour shift at work I can barely move a muscle but I am actually really happy since I am feeling better then yesterday. I had all these plans made out to do a photo shoot or at least start on my university project or the very least to fill my portfolio with more work. But none of those happened. I could not lift my head of the pillow and I was dying inside from a massive headache, wisdom tooth pain and fever. But today is a new day (since it's after 2 a.m) and I am feeling a slight more positive then usual. A few days ago I finished my low carb high fat diet which is a relief since I was craving sugar so badly, but on the up side the diet made me lose 6 kg which is great. Basically the diet is based on the recent studies that say that it is not the fat that makes us fat but the carbohydrates (a.k.a carbs) and sugars that come from food. Basically our body needs sugar for energy but all the excess sugar we consume is stored in our body as fat. Cutting it out from your nutrition it makes your body go to ketosis which means your body starts to take energy from the fat stored in your body and burns it for you to keep having energy. Although you can not do this for too long so that's why my diet took only two weeks. But if I could survive without sweets, fruits, bread and pasta I think anyone can. And after that as a reward after the diet I bought myself my favourite coffee of the season- the Pumpkin spice Latte.

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Last week was also  the week of some more changes then just my nutrition. I also decided to change my hair a little bit and went much darker for autumn. I know I loved my ombre and I had it for a long time but for the past few months I've been trying to cover it up since it damaged the ends of my hair so hard. After a few horrible attempts I went to the hairdresser and after two sessions one which was last month and one that was last week my hair is finally in one tone and is evenly one colour. I am really happy with the results, but let me know what you think.

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Furthermore, now I'm thinking to start to do some reviews on the shows I liked or hated after the fashion month is over. Anyway I'm sure my comments about the shows after I have watched them all online would not be interesting for everyone but until then let me know what you think.

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xx A

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