I can't believe it has been this long

Hello guys!

So after a half year (I can't actually believe it has been that long) of silence I decided to come back to bloging. I know the blog has been doing poorly in the end but that's not how I would like you to remember it. I want to go back to my roots when I started in 2009. When I was talking on and on about everyday life situations when I was sharing my diets my wish-lists and inspirations and was much much more personal.

So let's start where I left off. My last post was when I was still in uni and was by the edge of a mental breakdown and exhaustion. By now I feel more rested since I was off uni and I had the whole summer to do my projects but (typically) I still haven't started. I also moved out and now I am living with Patricija together not far from our university. And as soon as we will make the place look cozier I promise to do a tour around our place. Although that might not happen in the near future due to the fact it's either me or her that are broke and we end up not buying the things we want for the place. 

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After moving in it was a time to go on my holidays. And what's a summer holiday without a trip back home to see my friends grandparents and my beloved doggy. I had some good times back home went to Palanga, ate my favorite food and just enjoyed my days off everything.

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After that I just went back to the same kind of lifestyle, work some ocasional going out eating and reading well and that's about it. 

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And then came September! Which means my birthday, my blogs birthday biggest fashion issues in magazines and so on. My blog is already 5 years old! Can you believe it? This was one of the times when I knew I just need to get back to blogging since I just can't throw away all my time and my enjoyment spent on here.

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 But there always comes a big but (and this time it was literally mine) which ruins something. I had to get back my motivation which I am starting to do step by step now. Recently I joined a gym, although I'm not going there as often as I would like since I am still a bit of a lazyass or have no time, no energy or I manage to sprain my ankle running drunk in heels. Minus that I started paying much more attention to my nutrition and I'm already seeing some results (yay?!). Also I now I try not to waste my free time on pointless things and I rather go see some nice places.

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Anyway I hope you enjoyed my little rants and a short version of my past 6 months. Let me know what you like about a bit more simple blog design and about me getting back here. Should I just not bother or is anyone interested in reading more? And if you liked my small life in boxes check it out on my instagram.

Lots of love xx Amanda

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