Back from hell

So I finally found the time to write something to you. I would have written something yesterday but I had tones of homework because it's the end of the half-year. It was really strangange doing it considering the fact that I don't really do homework often. It was also really strange to get back to my normal life. Things like getting up and taking my dog for a walk before school that were natural to me, now became not normal. The results from the hospital will come later but now they said that I should watch what I eat and eat healthy because my cholesterol level is up.


Now something that made my day was this amazing billboard picture with Abbey and Tom Ford posing for Tom Ford women collection I can’t wait until the collection pictures will come out in print along with Dona Karan campaign which Abbey scored with Karlie.


I also saw the most amazing pre-fall collection which was Givenchy. The whole collection is just amazing and I am in love with all those plated and sheer skirts, aviator jackets and coats and the leather details. The earth tones are also the things that made me love this collection. But you better see it for your selves:


xoxo Amanda

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ohsoboheme rašė...

eina sau givenchy kolekcija tai kazkas nerealaus!

coffeeholic rašė...


Anonimiškas rašė...

Givenchy is amazing!

coffeeholic rašė...

oh yes it is :)