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So today after a good Friday night I decided it's about time to delete the trash from my blog e-mail and what I found in it really surprised me. It seems that Patka's blog owner nominated me for the stylish blog awards and now I have to write 7 things about myself and nominate some good blogs I like. You can find her blog here. So here it goes:

1. I've been interested in fashion since I was a little girl. I watched fashion TV everyday and looked at the pictures at mom's harper's bazzar magazines and I grew to a person who loves and enjoys fashion.

2. I wish to move out to London after my last school year and to get a degree in fashion journalism/styling and etc.


3. I have been trying to loose weight for as many years as I can remember, but I just keep gaining it.


4. I don't know how to ride a bike. No joke.


5. For this thing I may loose a follower or 2, because I am still OBSESSED with vampire books/movies/tv shows like twilight, the vampire diaries and true blood. And I don't think that I will never stop loving them.

my personal collection of vampire books


6. I am blind as an owl and I can't see a persons face from five steps away but I still refuse to wear glasses in public.


7. I never had a boyfriend


a few favourite lithuanian blogs:

xoxox Amanda

12 komentarų:

ohsoboheme rašė...

Daaaaaaaaamon <3

A rašė...

Ačiū už nominaciją! ;*

coffeeholic rašė...

S- <33
A- you deserve it :)*

Veronika Sereikaite rašė...

kaip man patinka skaityti tokius faktus paie kitus zmones.
6,7 :DDD me too.

coffeeholic rašė...

smagu kad patinka :)
wuhu I'm not alone :D
ner uz ka ;*

Ieva rašė...

6 - o lęšių nebandei? geras dalykas jie yra!
7 - prisidedu ;D

xoxoEvelina rašė...

ouu kaip fainei su tais faktais ;DD ir dekui uz nominacija <3

coffeeholic rašė...

Ieva- niekaip neprisiruosiu ju isigyt ;D

Evelina- ner uz ka :*

Tautvilė rašė...

Gražios nuotraukos! :)

coffeeholic rašė...

dekui :)

neringa rašė...

jo, man irgi ziauriai patinka skaityti visokius random faktus apie zmones;D dekui uz nominacija :*

coffeeholic rašė...

dziugu kad you find stories about boring me interesting ;D
nera uz ka ;*