Recently my life is going actually really slow. NOTHING is happening. Ok yesterday I met my dad. Which actually sucked. I don't know why I keep meeting him when he's such an ass. Anyway I promised myself to start jogging, doing exercises and start dieting from Monday. I know I know that phrase from Monday, but when I tell someone that I will start doing something and I don't, I feel much bigger guilt then just telling it to myself. So wish me luck.

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So anyway don't you love this autumn weather? Sunny with golden leaves on the ground? I just adore it. Mostly when I have a warm blanket a cup of coffee and a great book. I missed this type of loneliness when your not feeling alone.

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Have a great autumn babies

7 komentarai:

Veronika Sereikaite rašė...

As irgi nuo pirmadienio pradedu savo rezimiuka. ;) laikysimes akrtu. viskas bus gerai ir mum tikrai pavyks!
siaip man nerealiai patinka ruduo pokolkas. viskas taip garzu tie lapai tas oras tie silti megztukai ir karsta arbata kai grizti namo is mokyklos. ;) ziuresim kaip bus toliau.

rednails rašė...

good luck honey!

coffeeholic rašė...

Veronika- tikekimes bus gerai! :) man ir toksai labai patinka,tikekimes ilgai toks tesis :)

M- thank you hun xx

ohsoboheme rašė...

nieko nera neimanomo :)

coffeeholic rašė...

hope so :)

bloo. rašė...

i really love it ;-))


coffeeholic rašė...

good to hear :)