That fucking insomnia is killing me. Yesterday I got 3 hours of sleep. And today I got about 3 or 4 as well. So I stayed at home and I didn't go to school so I tried to get some sleep. That annoys me big tyme. Because I can't start jogging because I'm to tired by not haveing some sleep. So that diet from monday is now going to be from the day I get some sleep.

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After hours in bed I actually had a great tyme with friends. We played cards from tasks. And my task was to eat a green onion. I can still feel it's taste in my mouth.
Anyway hope you all have a great week.

xoxo A.

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whichlid rašė...

Try some relaxing teas, get some fresh air for your room, don't think about that you can't sleep just close your eyes in bed and listen to relaxing music. You still will be tired someday and you still go to sleep.

P.S. That girl in first picture is very beautiful. I wish I could be so thin.

coffeeholic rašė...

thank you xx

I wish the same :)

Veronika Sereikaite rašė...

Kai mane kamuoja nemiga as nebezinau kur detis. ziaurus dalykas. ;D Tikiuosi issimiegosi kaip meskute ziemos miegu miega!!! ;)

rednails rašė...

man anksciau budavo kad negaliu atsigulus i lova uzmigti, o dabar smingu is karto, bet pabundu pvz 3 arba 5 nakties ir nebegaliu uzmigt.. o jei biski uzsnustu tai i sule jau keltis reikia. Nu zodziu nesamone, nezinau ka daryt:/

http://freshonpr.blogspot.com/ rašė...

beautiful, no more words about it.

Nicola freshONpr

coffeeholic rašė...

Veronika- aciu,sianakt jau lyg geriau miegojau :)

M- man ir taip anksciau budavo, su laiku praejo ;/

Nicola- thank you, I guess