you can have what you want if you want it badly

So today I bought two new nail polishes. One sparkly dark blue that reminded me of the chanel nail polish taht I wanted so badly.
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And another is light grey which you can see on my nails in the pics. So my first buys from my pay check are- my phone and these nail polishes.
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I am also very happy because Abbey Lee scored another campaign, and this time one of my favourite designers- Alexander Wang!

And I also found this backstage video with Abbey from the Vogue Italia photoshoot that I posted recently.

with love A ;*

10 komentarų:

Tati rašė...

I like too much the grey one! I have to buy one in that color :)

Anonimiškas rašė...

I prefer the dark blue one, I love blue and purple polishes! <3 Love the silver ones as well but grey is definitely not my shade.

ohsoboheme rašė...

myliu šitus nagų lakus! <3

coffeeholic rašė...

glad that you like it :) <33

ellinelle rašė...

..I love blue nail polish at the moment as well , so chic and glam ..

Ellinelle xxx

Prestige rašė...

Gražios spalvos! :)
Reiks ir man pilkos paieškoti..

LeeLoo rašė...

chanel lakai yra nuostabus, laikosi ilgai ir vis nesibaigia )

Everyone loves fashion rašė...

holy moly, kur cia uzradai tokius gerius? :D ir kokia kaina? :)

coffeeholic rašė...

ellinelle- my thought as well
Prestige-savaji eurokos radau
LeeLoo- gaila kolkas chanel laku neiiperku ;D
Everyone loves Fashion- radau eurokos, siaip sitos firmos lakai 8,90 kainuoja bet keliom spalvom buvo akcija (butent siom) tai uz 3,90 nusipirkau :)

Everyone loves fashion rašė...

coffeeholic, ok, dekutis, as is eurokos irgi buvau nusipirkus sviesiai zalios ir melynos spalvos nagu lakus :P