Tom Ford and new years resolutions

So now is 18:40 I got up about 2 hours ago I had a great new year and I hope you did too. Since everyone is making new years resolutions I thought I should do the same.

I promise to stop eating like a pig

♥ I promise to take up exercise when I get back from the hospital (I will go there for about a week in January 5)

I promise to try and not spend money on worthless things and save up more

♥ Try to finish art and design coursework in time

Learn more on the subject I want to study in the future

Give up sweets (which is actually impossible but I will TRY)

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There is also one more thing that I wanted you to show which actually made my day. Tom Ford Eyewear campaign which Abbey got and made me really happy since everyone is sooo interested in him right now and it will give her some new exposure. Also video of his runways show came out and she was in it, along with celebrities. So enjoy:

Tom Ford Eyewear SS 11


xxoo Amanda

7 komentarai:

Anonimiškas rašė...

Abbey looks so hot platnum!

coffeeholic rašė...

she sure does :)

rednails rašė...

kaip tavo naujieji?
beje, tu kartais ne sausi i ligonine gulies? ar as maisau kazka?;D

coffeeholic rašė...

ai dar vis blogai po ju jauciuos ;D bet gan linksmai, kaip tavieji?
sausi sumaisiau menesius, bet jau pataisiau ;DD

Veronika Sereikaite rašė...

Kaip man patinka kurti tuos naujus pazadus sau!!! Kad ir kartais zinau akd tikrai ju neivykdysiu bet bent susikuriu juos. ;D siaip siais metais tikrai daug pasizadejau sau ir bandysiu ivykdyti tuos pazadus. Linkiu kad tu savuosius ivykdytum. :*
Kaip man graziai atrodo Abbey! Ji tomula Tom Ford reklamoms, ypac su blond blond plaukais. Labai grazu.

coffeeholic rašė...

ACIU ;** tau ir sekmes :)
man ir ziauriai!!

rednails rašė...

superiniai :) tik sunkoka grizt i realybe..