Boring holidays

Sorry I don't feel like writnig in Lithuanian language today.

So considering the fact that it's holiday I still somehow feel pafetic. Yeah I know I whine too much but I feel that my life just pases by and I'm stuck in my routine for the rest of my life. OK I have goles in my life, but still I'm too lazy to achieve them.Yes I still get up every morning and go jogging and later I do excersises, but I'm too lazy to not eat, so doing sports will get me nowhere if I'll continue on eating this way. I'm just too week. Mayebe I'll end up where my friends are telling me I will. I will still be fat,I will have a job that has nothing to do with fashion and I will live in this fucking country for the rest of my life.

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P.S:What is wrong with you people? Who does this to my beloved Abbey?
I hate I hate I Hate the new haircut for Chanel
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Angry and depressive A.

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Anonimiškas rašė...

Oh cheer up babe! Seems like it's holidays all around the world cause we're having them here in Dk too. Although for the last months we had like three days of college in a week and I usually skipped at least one ;D so anyway, how old are you and you feel that your life isn't going anywhere? I'm damn 20 and my life still isn't the way I want it. I'm stuck in Dk just hoping to get the hell out of here and probably the only right thing I did in my life was getting out of Lithuania :D oh there was actually second - I got drivers license. So two great things in 20 years. Hell yeah I'm (lame)(awe)some. But it's never too late to dream 'bout something and never give up your dream! So chin up and don't give up so easy. My schoolmates were a bunch of douchebags who told me I couldn't do anything with my life but I can't wait to see their faces when I'll fly back to class reunion from US just 5 years after finishing school :)
P.S. it's highly refreshing making an English comment on Lithuanian blog :)

rednails rašė...

hey! nose up please!
you have to believe you will achieve those goals - and you will.

coffeeholic rašė...

Tina-thank you for the inspirational talk which would have been good in any labguage ;]
M-Thank you dear, you are way much more supportive then the people I know ;]]

April Skye rašė...

Love your life! Chase after your dreams and break the routine! :)

I love your blog!

April Skye xx


(Cinema. Fashion. Art. Life.)

coffeeholic rašė...

Thank You so much ;))

Anonimiškas rašė...

Unfortunately I'm better at inspiring others rather than myself :( but I'm always happy and ready to help!

tasheki kishayoti rašė...

Dont be so depressive. Weather outside was ( and im sure will be) wonderful and its VOCATION. cheer up :)

Anonimiškas rašė...

Debilai tie kurie taip jie apkirpo!Taigi jai visiškai taip netinka.

coffeeholic rašė...

Tina-atleast you can help others ;)
TK-thank you for the prep talk, unfortunately today is raining and I have a huge headache, but my mood is a bit better ;)
Amy-as ir taip manau,visad laikiau dede Karla genijum, bet jei si sukuosena tik del Chanel reklamos, tai nejau negalejo peruko uzdet..